Some (slightly late) Thoughts Concerning Valentines Day

I am  not anti-Valentine’s Da’y, and despite the fact that I fall into the category of “hopeless romantic”, do not revel in the holiday either. I acknowledge its presence, wear some red, eat some chocolate and sometimes send out little kid valentines cards with Barbie or Winnie the Pooh on them to my now adult friends. People always seem to be stressing unnecessarily about Valentine’s Day. Was I sad that I didn’t get to spend the holiday with my boyfriend this year: yes, but our definition of “celebrating” Valentine’s Day consists of Nate buying me a brownie, us watching a movie and most of the day spent in bed snuggling, all of which can be done after we have reunited. Like New Years, if you keep Valentine’s Day simple and expectations low, the chances of being disappointed greatly declines and the likelihood of you enjoying yourself greatly increases. You can choose to have a completely stress-less Valentine’s Day. I know, it’s crazy, but if your partner is anything less than a total jackass, I think they probably will just enjoy you two spending some time together.  And if you’re single and thus unnecessarily mopey, just remember that you have friends who love you (hopefully) and that this is an excuse to eat/ make a delicious cake. People call Valentines day a holiday manufactured by greeting card companies but it’s only that way if you let it be. Stop stressing, keep it simple and remember that this is supposed to be about appreciating those that you love- doing that shouldn’t be so difficult, right?

Also:  Saw the movie Valentines Day today with my mommy (because my boyfriend refused to see it with me- rightly so). It’s exactly what it appears to be: a mediocre chick flick. It had its moments (Taylor Swift was rather cute and enjoyable), but altogether was  just okay.  Instead of dragging your boyfriend to see Valentines Day (save it for the best friend), rent: Ten Things I Hate About You, Up or Moulin Rouge.


4 thoughts on “Some (slightly late) Thoughts Concerning Valentines Day

  1. Chris and I ended up seeing Sherlock Holmes on Valentine’s Day instead of Valentine’s Day, mostly based on mediocre reviews and the fact that movie tickets are freaking expensive as it is. I’ll probably rent it once it comes out on video…

  2. I was dragged by a friend who recently got dumped (how could I say no to that) and im not going to lie: I chuckled quite a bit. Ashton Kutcher was SURPRISINGLY good, and Shirley Mclaine made the whole thing worth while.

    I wouldn’t say it was mediocre. I’m not saying it’s great, but it is Gary Marshall, and the man CAN write.

    That said, I never would have paid for it… Annie Hall or (500) Days of Summer this aint. But it was a lot better than I expected (and much better than any other chick flick I’ve seen in recent years)

  3. My valentines consisted of me getting a card from my dog…or really my mum signing a card from the dog lol. It worked for me :) (plus i was in FL so who cares!! :D)

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