Things I am “So Over” Right Now:

  • Wearing Make-Up: When you’re twelve and you start wearing make- up for the first time it is like “OMG the most uber exciting thing ever!! <3” But after almost eight years of eyeliner, blush and sparkly eye shadow, the excitement wears down. I am beginning to revel in the mornings where all I do is dab on some cover-up, sweep on some mascara (not even black mascara, dark brown mascara) and walk confidently out the door.  Don’t get me wrong, I still gussie myself up on the odd Thursday or  for the elusive dinner date, just when I need to feel particularly special or extra bold, but overall I’m a (mostly) all natural girl.
  • Wall Tack: If you have ever lived in a dorm you known damn well what Wall Tack is. It is the white, sometimes blue, sticky substance that replaces thumb tacks on dorm room walls. It works like shit. Stuff is ALWAYS FALLING OFF MY WALLS. Out of respect for my landlord I put off  using tacks on my pictures, posters, what have you; but as my surroundings slowly peel off the walls and dive under the radiator, I’ve caved and started to replace the Wall Tack with real tacks. I am so over Wall Tack its not even funny.
  • Not Have an Official Roommate: In Liz’s absence, Nate has basically moved into my apartment, which is great and all, but I miss my roommate! Seriously, the apartment is  no where near the same without her here. I spend a lot of time alone, which is depressing. I want my roommate back and while were at it, I want a new apartment, because I’m kinda over this place in general.
  • Bill O’Reilly: I am really really over Bill O’Reilly, but totally not over John Stewart:
  • My Dryer Being Broken: 3 weeks worth of laundry speaks for itself.

Sometimes it feels good to rant a little.


One thought on “Things I am “So Over” Right Now:

  1. I miss you both, I always thought sticky tack was kind of entertaining and i’ve never really worn make-up. I’ll put on a little if i’m going somewhere fancy though (lip gloss, and mascara). I suppose the point of that was to say I guess I’m over it too? :P

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