And The Winner Is…

Being a poor college student, I don’t have a television let alone cable. Subsequently, I did not watch the Golden Globes last night. That’s okay though, I really don’t have much interest in the Golden Globes in the first place — at least the ceremony part. The red carpet, no matter how rain soaked it is, is another story entirely. Lucky for me, the fashion from last night is not hard to find. The good people at E! have a “3-D fashion camera” for fashion junkies searching for a fix. The camera allows it’s internet audience to view the glamorous ladies and cute couples from all angles. However, Adrien Grier and Neil Patrick Harris definitely tie for combining hilarity and good looks to make me laugh. Oh and I guess their suits look goo too.

(click to enlarge)

There are some Golden Globes looks that just hit it out of the park:

I think that Olivia Wilde might be incapable of looking anything but stunning. Last September, she wore a white Marcesa dress to the Emmy Awards and got a lot of shit for it.  It is a little out there,  but honestly, I think she rocked that dress.  It was totally different than anything else on the carpet that night. Her 2008 Emmy dress was equally gorgeous. Then there is this dark, sparkly, sequined Gucci gown and she looks amazing. I feel a girl crush forming. The woman knows how to dress.

I haven’t seen An Education yet, but Cary Mulligan is darling in this Nina Ricci gown. Her chest is not looking as perky as we might want, but I love the dark but atherial feel of this dress. The detail is absolutely fabulous. The overall look would have benefited from a different color purse (I’m thinking gold) to add some pop, but I appreciate that she didn’t over accessorize with a big necklace or chandelier earrings. She looks young and innocent but glamorous.

Tony Colette totally knows how awesome she looks- just look at her face. A lot of women attempted the “dusted with gold look” and failed (*cough cough* Anna Paquin), but Colette just sparkles like a little gold star. She is polished and confident. I don’t know if I agree with the purse choice, but I think it would be really hard to match a purse to that dress. Overall, Colette shines.

Then we have those who did not do so well:

Vera Farmiga

Vera Farminga was so beautiful and sexy in Up in the Air. What happened here Vera? What happened? I do admit, all that black makes your green eyes pop spectacularly, but its just too much doom and gloom. Did the Gweneth Paltrow 2002 Oscars atrocity teach us nothing?

Washed out salmon. That’s all I have to say. That and that this saddens me because Maggie Gylenhaal is usually really awesome.

Sadly, as I perused this year’s looks, I was more underwhelmed and revolted than impressed and envious. Lisa Eddlestien (Cutty from House)  looked like a 40 year old cougar going to her high school boyfriend’s senior prom and stopped by the Macy’s sale rack at the last minute. And seriously, someone needs to tell Sophia Loren that daylight is not her friend. An audible, in unison, noise of discomfort came from the audience when she came on screen during Nine. Tina Fey looked ridiculous, Fergie was a lovely shade of orange (which was unfortunate because her dress was quiet pretty), Chloe Sevigny was… well Chloe Sevigny and Diane Kruger missed the ball in a million different ways. I hope the Oscars red carpet is a little more inspiring and a little less destressing.


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