My computer, Stella, is in great distress. After months of exhibiting small symptoms, I found out today that she is in desperate need of a new motherboard — without it, Windows with not load and she will be but an empty shell. Thankfully, all of the important things — itunes, schoolwork, photos — are safe and sound, backed up on an external hard drive. What happened exactly I’m not sure. I just know that today, in order to fix a problem I’ve had with itunes, I tried to reinstall windows and couldn’t. A very nice woman from somewhere far away held my hand for an hour over the phone, guiding me through possible solutions. And as each failed, her stress grew with mine until finally there was nothing she could do but order a dispatch, which she did. On monday, my new part will be sent; on Wednesday someone will call and arrange an appointment for thursday or friday because I leave for Toronto on Saturday. Hopefully after that my little baby will spin and wir again but until then I am laptopless. Joy oh Joy. I can’t imagine an age without computers, I’m so dependant on mine. In a lot of ways my relationship hinges on the internet. When we’re apart the large majority of our communication is through MSN or facebook or Skype. One week without won’t kill us (or me) but it does make things easier. Technology is a beautiful prison.



  1. Em-Jem, I’ll see you in T.O in a few :D (I say we go see a movie with the lovely Liz-Biz :D (and Nate of course))

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