Raindrops on Roses and Wiskers on Kittens

I am officially back in California. The past four days I’ve done nothing but lounge and catch up with friends and spend time with my family. It has been glorious. Getting here proved prolematic. Shortly after I posted on the bus, my dad called informing me that my first flight would be delayed and I would subsequenly miss my second flight. Never fear, however, they moved me to the next avaliable flight from Las Vegas to Okland. It has, however, become a trend on my flight from Buffalo to Oakland that I get horribly ill somewhere along the way.  I don’t know if it has to do with food or water or what. I’ve tried everything and usually end up vomiting or feeling like I want to vomit. This phenomena does not happen when traveling the other direction though. I dunno, it’s a mystery.

But here I am, safe and sound and feeling excellent. I forget how much  I love my childhood bed and the luxury of having my entire closet at my disposal. I missed dinner with my parents and my cats. I missed having a backyard and huge windows that open and look out onto trees, squirrels and green hills (as opposed to the crazy and or drunk people on Bloor St). I missed birds (that aren’t pigeons) and nature in general. As much as I love the city, coming home to suburbia is in its own way refreshing. As long as I have my suburban sanctuary to come home to I can go anywhere.  The first year when I went away I expected to come back and find everything drastically different, but it wasn’t– same bagel place, coffee place, school, stop signs.  Lafayette never changes (except for the new library and some road work).  It’s wonderfully comforting to know that it will always be here, no matter where I go or how much I change.


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