Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi, You’re My Only Hope

I go home in a little less than three days. This means family, friends, San Francisco, cats, good food, love, movie nights, fun, baking experiments, and a haircut. I might be most excited about the haircut. A couple years ago, when I was a young lass, a boy broke my heart. And how did I retaliate? I dyed my hair blond (several times. It wasn’t ever blond enough) and put pink streaks in it, or at least that’s what I intended to do.  My hair actually turned orange (see exhibit a =>). I don’t think it was as bad in person — at least that’s what they tell me– but in photographs I look ridiculous.  That fall I returned to school and auditioned for the play You Can’t Take It With You where I realized that everyone auditioning for the family members of my character had dark hair. So between my primary audition and callbacks I died it again, dark chestnut brown– though it turned out a little darker than I imagined. Needless to say my hair was a  little fried, and to this day I have a bright blond streak on the right side of my hair. It is a section that succumbed to all the chemicals and said “fine! if you want to be a blond so bad, you’ll be a blond!” and promptly died. Fortunately the rest of my hair has not followed suit. With each haircut that blond streak shrinks and I revel in the removal of split ends.  As my appointment approaches, I have to pick a hairstyle and because I don’t got to a fancy upscale salon, I have to bring a photo — usually I pick a celebrity with face shape similar to mine. This  (<= ) is what I have right now in all its shapless glory. My bangs have grown out and my layers have lost their edge.  I’m looking for a new ‘do.  These are the contenders:

All who have vaguely similar haircuts though with varying degrees of bang and layer (if you’re still reading this, I applaud you, I’ve totally gone into girl mode and written 345 words about my hair– I realize how dull this is). So what things you? Mandy? Reese? or Rachel? I’m personally leaning toward Reese or Rachel. But opinions are appreciated. MAYBE if someone had told me my hair was ORANGE I wouldn’t have kept it for so long.


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