Flakeage Has Begun

Last night Toronto got its first official snowfall.  Before crawling into bed, I closed my blinds on a hard, wet, rain filled world and the next morning opened them to a nice, soft, white one. I love the snow, especially in the early winter months before it turns to brown slush and I start to miss the sunshine. As long as there is snow, I don’t mind that it’s two degrees outside and I have to wear leggings under my jeans to prevent frozen thighs. It really is so beautiful and totally magical.  I go back to California in five days; I knew that that the snow wouldn’t wait to come until after I had left, snow wouldn’t do that to me. But, hey, they did get snow in California this week so maybe I’ll have a white Christmas after all, as my dear friend Alison said  “I would PEE out of happiness”.


One thought on “Flakeage Has Begun

  1. ok 1) when I saw “flakeage” in the title I frist thought you were going to be referring to flaking on your work for school since it’s the end of the semester and I was all: “ME TOO! I have two huge papers and a presentation to work on but I really don’t care because I’d rather go look at Christmas trees in store windows!” But then I realized this was not your intention, and I felt guilty.
    and 2) it’s raining in nyc :(

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