Trunks on Transit

Last night Nathan, Liz and I made our way over to a friend’s house for American Thanksgiving. It was absolutely wonderful- there was heaps of yummy food, good friends and it made up for the horribleness of my month in every which way. Any inkling of homesickness was banished. However, as the three of us made our way from the subway to the house we made a little discovery: someone had left a big blue steamer trunk on the sidewalk with an equally big sign reading “free.” Liz and I stopped and looked, we pondered if we should take it and if we could take it on the subway. Ultimately it was decided that if it was still there on our way back we would attempt to bring it home. And that’s exactly what happened. Four hours later there he was, in the exact same place. Maneuvering through the TCC with a big blue steamer trunk is not an easy feat, even with Nathan there to help (if it had just been me and Liz I’m not sure if it would have made it home). Getting it into the subway was not especially difficult, but getting it off the subway was another matter. We dragged the thing to three different exits before finding one that did not have a turnstile (because no way was the trunk fitting through a turnstile). People kept asking what was inside and were rather dissapointed and confused when we said “nothing.” Some passerby gave us strange looks. One severly drunk girl was actually afraid of it. He did get home though, safe and sound! It was a good adventure. Now only if we had a proper place to put him…

Liz and Nate Getting Their Gangsa' On With The Trunk


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