Science With Liz and Emma

So Liz and I are frantically trying to keep ourselves sane it the gammot of work that has accumulated around our desolate bodies (I’ve been reading Gogol all day, can you tell?).  We needed something to bring joy into our day-to-day lives and make us smile. A little something to call our own- so we adopted! Yes, Liz and I are now proud parents of two budding avocado trees! Dick (Liz’s) and Amelia (mine). They don’t really do much, just sit in their jars on our coffee table all day, soaking up water, but they are something other than school to think about- if only for a moment. I stole the idea from Kara.  Apparently they will live for two to three years without having to be transferred outside and it will be 20 years before they bare fruit.  We will see if any of this actually works, I’m a tad skeptical since they apparently don’t  require sunlight. But kinda excited, I’ve always liked science (and Bill Nye the Science Guy). Maybe next semester we’ll attempt to light up light bulbs through potatoes!


3 thoughts on “Science With Liz and Emma

  1. ahhaha, i will always love wee little dick, just because of your mum saying ‘….why did liz name hers dick?’

    IT WAS COLLABORATIVE, OKAY? nate had as much say as i did. i was gonna go with osbert!

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