Month of Doom

From now (and by now I mean about a week a go) until December 1st my life and time consists of primary one thing- writing essays. I have an essay due today, an essay due next Thursday and then TWO essays due on December first. So far I have researched Derrida, Jameson, the Vermillion Accord on Human rights, repatriation, reburial, native Americans and looked up many countless words in the Oxford English Dictionary and on Two down, two to go.

You know you have too many essays when you go to bed at night, hoping for some peace from the thoughts and grammar that have been racing around your head all day only to start to dream about them. All I did last night was dream about my essays.  They have officially consumed my soul.  Stressed out days seem to lead to stressed out dreams. To add insult to injury, my itunes has completely shut down for no apparent reason and everyone I know is going home for American thanksgiving while I’m stuck in Canada.

I’m just not having a very good morning.


2 thoughts on “Month of Doom

  1. Hugs, amiga. Papers suck, and I have one before I go home for break and another due the week I get back. Also, I pretty much bombed two anthro tests, if it makes you feel any better! You’ll be home for Christmas soon. <3

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