The Santa Claus Parade

Today was the annual Toronto Santa Claus parade. Last year, Nathan and I went as our first official date, this year he was doing repairs on his apartment with his dad so I enjoyed the festivities with Liz (who is not a second choice at all) from our apartment window. This is the way to go, trust me, I have been to many parades in my time and watching from the indoors is super- you are comfortable, you are cozy, you can see everything and are not at the mercy of the weather. You don’t get anything that they are passing out but Liz and I still have a bag of about 75 tootsie rolls left over from Halloween that compensate for the loss. We camped out in front of my bedroom window with glee and shouted at the paraders below, trying to get them to wave back (Santa actually said hi!). It was glorious.


"Blinky" the police car.


Grimice from McDonalds!



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