You’re Like My Favorite Underwear

KISS!Every special occasion — prom, graduation, first kiss, AP tests, auditions, opening night — over the past six years have had one factor in common- my underwear. Not just any pair of underwear, mind you, these are magical underwear; each ninety-three percent cotton, seven percent spandex fiber of boy- brief is saturated with luck and good fortune. At least so I believe.

After all the years of big days and small, today it is apparent that they have seen better days. Once a bright green, the combination of detergent and “tumble dry” have muted the colors. The green butterflies flitting around the white trim are looking a little lackluster as they fade. Like a pair of tights, there is a half inch run down the back. There isn’t anything particularly special about them as far as underwear goes. I picked them up one day the summer before my freshman  year of high school. The color plus the sale sticker beckoned to me. Insatiably comfortable, the first time I wore them I got kissed. I have cried in these underwear and laughed in them; I have been to Europe in them; I fell in love in them.

Today is my one year anniversary with Nate. 365 days of being “us”.  I have no idea where the year has gone and yet it seems like eons ago that we sat on the 27th floor and kissed on that hideous striped couch; that after he left I went into the bathroom, smiling a smile only a first kiss can illicit and jumped around sporadically like a ten year old with joy- totally silent as to not wake my slumbering roommate. I went to bed that night happy and woke up the next morning just as happy. One whole year of being happy with him. Today, I am wearing my lucky underwear.


5 thoughts on “You’re Like My Favorite Underwear

  1. Hi Emma, it’s Sean. I really like your blog. Kathy showed it to me. I think its cool that this is your first anniversary with Nate. Hope both of you have a lot of fun together.

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