A Very Dirty Halloween

Last night, in preparation for Halloween, Liz, Nate and I carved pumpkins, made candy apples and ate our weight in candy.  I had the worst sugar hangover this morning, but it was one of my favorite Halloween’s in recent years (that wasn’t on Halloween).

candyapplesliz and gordtwi-pumpkin


We call the third picture “New Pumpkin,” it’s going to be the cover of soon-to-be best selling romance novel about a Jesuit girl who falls in love with a giant pumpkin that sweats profusely in the sun. The last picture is what spurred a long string of dirty jokes that lasted until nights end. Once, at a similar Halloween get together, someone said to someone else (who did not like to scoop out the inside of pumpkins) “how are you ever going to finger a girl if you can’t slime a pumpkin.” I chose to repeat this line randomly during a moment of silence. It only progressed from there.

pumpkin hatspigpumpkin2uglypumpkin2working


Yes, that’s a watermelon. And that thing that liz is holding is the inside of a very suborn gourd. Some things just don’t like to be gutted.


aaaand then we bought and insane amount of candy to celebrate our hard work. Happy Halloween!


3 thoughts on “A Very Dirty Halloween

  1. Haha, ohmigod, when Marisa said that to Miguel it was priceless. There was much spluttering and protest. The candy apples look great, too. In the October issue of Gourmet there was a recipe for red wine candy apples that sounded yummy. I haven’t touched the November issue yet.

  2. Dad’s pumpkin this year was truly insprirational. Paul refused to carve because, as usual, it’s not cool. Although kudos to him because he did a fabulous job on the house. Those apples are quite, uh, red! Glad you had a great evening.

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