“I Like The Way You Sound in the Morning”

Last night, at about eleven thirty, Taylor Swift released the platinum version of her Fearless Album. In addition to the original material, fans get 6 new songs and 10 videos including behind the scenes footage of her sold out “Fearless” tour. This makes me extremely happy. I discovered Miss Swift the summer right before I left for college (that was a rather life changing summer in a lot of ways). I listened to her first album on repeat all the way to Toronto. Some may attribute this foray into country music to a crush on a certain boy from Texas- but seriously it was just coincidence and although I stopped liking the boy, to this day I still love Taylor Swift and her twangy tunes. Judge all you want, raise your eyebrows, call her music pop garbage for tweens with no substance, just another cog in the media machine, but you’d be wrong. Those who say “I like all music but country” need to broaden their horizons a little, seriously, it’s not all about God, sweet tea (which is delicious), and how sexy tractors are- just look at Johnny Cash. An aversion to banjos is totally understandable, but give the fiddle a chance, it’s not so bad.

So what is it about Taylor Swift that makes me hit that repeat button so many times? Well for one thing the girl really knows how to construct a good beat on the guitar. It’s just so damn catchy, but lyrically is really where T. Swift gets me. She writes about school, going out on your own, how much she loves her mom, and mainly falling in love and breaking up.  She puts it all out there, every scathing detail. Her lyrics are honest and heartfelt. She doesn’t hold back, she uses real names, real scenarios, nothing is too private to be turned into a song- I feel as if I know the real Taylor Swift. For that I really commend her, I’m sure it’s not easy. She feels like your best friend (I wish she was my best friend, not going to lie). The soundtrack of my life is riddled with Swift- When they boy I liked had a girlfriend (the second time) I turned on “You Belong With Me,” and “Teardrops on My Guitar;” when I met Nate, “Fearless” and “Hey Stephen” were on 24/7 full blast; on the long drive from Buffalo to Toronto, I played “Place in This World” on repeat; “The best day” makes me bawl when I miss home. I dream of seeing her in concert this summer, cause you know I’ll sing along, buy a t shirt and jump up and down with joy. My ipod is tired of her I’m sure, but I’m not. I could, and have, listen to Taylor Swift all day long in all her girly, poppy, glory.


One thought on ““I Like The Way You Sound in the Morning”

  1. Best line from this? “An aversion to banjos is totally understandable, but give the fiddle a chance, it’s not so bad.” Brilliant.

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