On A Side Note

First and foremost, I want to say thank you if you are actually taking the time out of what I’m sure is a busy day to read my little articles about my life. It’s actually really inspiring to know that people other than my mom, my boyfriend and my roommate care about what I have to say (89 people the other day!). It’s definitely motivation for me to write more consistently and take this more seriously. When I started blogging again, it was more for me to express myself, I felt things building up and wanted to get them out, but I never expected to have a following (even if it’s a small one). Yesterday’s post was something that has been building up for a while, and clearly very personal. Therapeutic in its own way, the most rewarding thing was when I got a couple of notes from people who were totally supportive of what I go through because either they feel the same way, went through the same kind of situation or could just empathize- it was unbelievably heart lifting (I know, I’m being SO sappy, but deal with me for a moment here). Comments (praises, question, contradictions or criticisms) are always appreciated, but if you don’t want to comment in such a public forum send me an email (Emsarconi@gmail.com).  It’s not necessary, but totally encouraged. Thanks again, I’ll do my best to make this worth reading.


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