Oh no…

Yesterday I dressed like Rory Gilmore NOT ON PURPOSE. Seriously, I was walking down the street, looked at my reflection in a store window and there I was- plaid skirt, tights, dark sweater, yellow backpack and my hair in a pony tail. As my friend Kara would say “le sigh,” I guess this was inevitable.



5 thoughts on “Oh no…

    • Lol it definitely was! and totally subconscious too, I don’t know whether to be worried or be pleased, haha. Thanks for checking out the blog though :)

  1. If you’d actually been wearing the headband, I would have had to send an exorcist to Toronto. Of course, what would have been too creepy for words would be if I found myself (at the same time) dressing like Loreili.

  2. You are such a dork! And you’re right, I would totally say “le sigh.” I’m not French. I should really stop that.

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