Its the Little Things That Make Life Worth Living

This being a blog about moving to a strange world, I think it’s about time I talk directly about some differences I’ve noticed during my time in the wintry north lands.

When I decided to go to school in Canada, I really didn’t consider it as moving to another country. Sure, they are still technically a dominion of England, and I know that they use a different currency, but when it came right down to it, I didn’t expect my day-to-day life to change all that much. For the most part, it hasn’t. I still eat pizza and watch Grey’s Anatomy and generally it’s like living in the states- that’s more of a reflection on Toronto as opposed to Canada as a whole (I’ve heard Montreal is like visiting Europe). However, there are things– wee itty-bitty details, mostly foods– that do not exist in Canada. To name a few:

Now, not to insult my Canadian breatherin, we “Americans” (said in a very southern accent) don’t have things like Aero Bars, Irn Bru or ketchup chips (we can seriously live without ketchup chips though). These little additions and subtractions are what remind me day to day that Toto and I aren’t in America any more (cause you really don’t notice it when they say “eh”). It’s a little bit like being in bizarro world, where everything is mildly the same and only a little bit different (and more French).  Bottom line: Canada, I love you, but you gotta get Target. Life just sucks without it.


5 thoughts on “Its the Little Things That Make Life Worth Living


    Seriously though…

    * Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese
    * Gallon size boxes of Goldfish

    i believe CAN be found at costco (though I could be mistaken). i know we had the gallon size of goldfish as a kid. I think now you buy a box that has a gallons WORTH but split into a few seperate larger bags. i use to love it though. i had a whole galon stashed in my basement by my couch. would grab a bottle of Koala (the best sparkling fruit drink ever made) and a handful of goldfish and watch seinfeld.

    oh the good ol’ days.

    • Ahh Costo! I didn’t think of that. Thank you Adam Schoales! We can get the gallon in the regular old super market. Nate says that they don’t (or didn’t exist) because you Canadians don’t use gallons.

  2. Unfortunately, the most important thing on your list (red vines) cannot even be claimed for America. If you took the two hour drive to Buffalo, I doubt you’d be able to find any and if you go to New Hampshire (don’t know why you would though…I guess if you were kidnapped and brought there…) no one would even know what red vines are. With the exception of the west coast, twizzlers has cornered the red licorice market…it is a sad, sad thing but another reason to be proud of California.

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