I Need To Call Ghostbusters

IMG_3489There is definitely something strange in the neighborhood.  I am sitting, minding my own business, google searching “Gogol, Overcoat, Russian Politics” for a paper that isn’t due until December when suddenly a cry springs forth from the bathroom, “Emmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!.”

“Liz!? Whats wrong?”

“Come here NOW!!!!!”

There stands my roommate, wrapped in a towel staring intently at the ceiling. “Whats going on Liz?”  I ask, wondering why my roommate looks so freaked out and glad that she hasn’t broken anything falling on our slippery bathroom floor. Liz proceeds to explain that a section of the ceiling is moving.  Between the actual ceiling and the wall cabinet is a section that juts out at a ninety degree angle- its like a rectangle. The bottom of this rectangle is not plaster, but Styrofoam placed on a grid like in those portable buildings used when schools are under construction. Apparently, Liz explains, the Styrofoam is moving up and down very slowly. I look at Liz skeptically, look back at the Styrofoam with continued skepticism and suddenly, very slowly, it moves up and down, hovering for a moment when it reaches the top like held there by an invisible hand.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!!?” I scream and both of us dive out of the bathroom, staying as far away from the door as possible while still be able to see the haunted ceiling section.

Liz and I are convinced we have a bathroom demon, here to suck out our souls and peep at us after showers for all eternity. Liz’s friend Develyn, who is much braver than either of us, comes over to inspect and evict whatever it is only to determine that we are crazy and seeing things (because of course  by the time she’s come over it’s stopped) – but she won’t touch the thing either.  So who do I turn to? My loving boyfriend, who promptly comes over (not to save me, but because he wants lunch) and ALSO won’t poke at the Styrofoam asking questions like “well why should I do it?”.  So I muster up all of my courage, grab a broom and poke hard at the panel. As I scream and jump back, a stream of dust and insulation fall down, but no rodents, vermin or visible demons. However, Liz and I are unconvinced of its harmlessness and can never shower in our bathroom again.


6 thoughts on “I Need To Call Ghostbusters

  1. I’m glad your mom agrees with what I told you! And you did not look, you jabbed at one part of it with a broom. Talk to your landlord!

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