The Cold’s A-Comming

I think you're a little lost Mr. Peregrine Falcon

I think you're a little lost Mr. Peregrine Falcon

So after taking a two hour bus and walking for about forty minutes, and seeing that strange (to the left, to the left) bird chilling in the middle of an intersection, Nathan and I returned to my adorable little apartment in the annex to find two things:

1. My roommate was home (good suprise)

2. Its fucking freezing (bad suprise)

Seriously, you would not believe how cold it is in my appartment right now. We have nice, big, beautiful radiators in every room (including the bathroom) but they aren’t on. Apparently they won’t turn on until October 16th (Liz’s Grandma hypothesizes). This isn’t really a huge problem except that its supossed to snow on Thursday. Thats a problem. So what’s a thin framed girl to do? My guess- spend a ton of time curled up in bed, wear my one pair of wool socks and drink LOTS of hot beverages (oooo maybe I’ll make apple cider).

But first I must go unpack- ughhhhh. I love packing but HATE unpacking, it just means that the adventure is like officially over. Sighhhhhhhhh


One thought on “The Cold’s A-Comming

  1. My apartment stays surprisingly warm, but the rain is supposed to set in later today/tonight and rain through Saturday at the very least. I’m so happy that when my mom came up she brought me an extra fuzzy blanket – and I’ve already taken to doing my homework in bed, buried in flannel sheets. Why couldn’t I have applied to go to school in San Diego instead?

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