Happy Thanksgiving

Me at the Noorwood Fall Fair- SO MANY ANIMALS!!

Me at the Noorwood Fall Fair- SO MANY ANIMALS!!

This weekend is my second year celebrating Thanksgiving the Canadian way. Last year, I spent the holiday with my roommate and her family but since Catherine and I had a little bit of a falling out, that was not an option this year. This year, I spent the weekend with Nate and his family- a much better choice. I can’t say that there are very many differences between Canadian and American Thanksgiving. The Canadians are much more mellow about the whole thing. There is still turkey and parades, family still comes together and school is out for a whole day (as opposed to the week I got every year).  The tradition of watching the game and throwing the ole pig skin around is seriously absent but for me, the absence goes unnoticed if it is not welcomed. Serious travel is seriously rare. It’s all about family- making this weekend seriously painful.

My boyfriend’s family is lovely and wonderful for letting me into their home for the holiday but no matter how nice they are I never feel any less like a refugee..  Of course they don’t see things that way and I know they are genuinely happy to have me here with them but nothing replaces my family. Dinner was amazing- I had far more food options than the typical Sarconi family weird food potluck- and our excursion to the Norwood fair was perfect (we all know how much I love farm animals and ferris wheels), but throughout the entire thing I was fighting an undertone of sadness. The strange thing is that I’ve never been very attached to Thanksgiving as far as holidays go. It was just another family gathering and a week off school. There were colored paper turkeys and pilgrim stories with pumpkins but it definitely wasn’t my favorite holiday (probably has something to do with the food).  But as I boarded the bus to come to Kitchener on Friday I fought back tears. I wanted to be busing to MY home to my room and my mom- I couldn’t help it. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else for this holiday- if I couldn’t be at home, I’d want to be with Nate and his parents.  I’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I just miss home sometimes and really, there is nothing I or anyone else can do about it. There are things (like my boyfriends wonderful family, hi hugs and smile and really good pumpkin dessert) that make it better but only one thing that makes it go away- a plane ticket.


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