Back and Better Than Ever

Alright so my friend Kara started a little blog of her own, reminding me of my own blogging and how much I suck at maintaining it. Eventually, I realized that I kinda miss it. So what did I do? I reworked the ENTIRE look of the thing. That picture banner- yeah I MADE that on “the gimp” (a  photo editing program that Nathan made me download because apparently using “zoom browser ex”- which is what came with my computer- is practically sin) all on my own.  I would recommend exploring the site a little, there are quiet a few changes. I hope to actually keep this up, but you know me- we’ll see.

So I guess an update is in order: I’m back in Toronto, living in an appartment I love with a roommate I love just as much. The BF and I survived our summer apart and had quiet a reunion in the airport and a wonderful two weeks  TOGETHER in California ( I was SUCH a happy camper, you wouldn’t believe). School started,  I’m working hard and I love Book and Media Studies much more than expected. I’m also taking acting classes through Hart House and hope (not sure yet) to get a spot writing for the Varsity.  That is my life as it stands at the moment. This year is going to be interesting and go by fast, I can feel it in my bones.


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