And Green is For What? Aliens?

I have long regarded myself as a crusader of social equality. I have long fought for my right to play kickball, potentially be president and practice archery with the boys. In social settings, I gravitate toward the gaggle of boys in the corner instead of the giggling girls circled in the center of the room. I challenge them to ping pong and air hockey, often losing but still securing a place in their good graces. I do not condemn my fellow woman. I do not look down upon them or think their interests silly- I myself love designer shoes and gowns, and my favorite color has and always will be pink. Women are typically an intimidating breed- they like enclosed circles, circles I have never been able to penetrate. I think that females are loaded with potential power and often I envy the girls who can so seamlessly break their way into those seemingly impassible circle. I am proud of

Being a woman is part of my identity, I do not feel hindered or boxed in by it. In some situations, I might have to work harder because of perceptions associated with being a female, but in some situations men have to work harder because of perceptions associated with being a male. I’ll also have to tackle what it means to be a white, affluent person in today’s society. Every person is assigned baggage by society, you can either redefine the stereotype or break it.

In Sweden, there is a two and a half year old child, “Pop” (unfortunately its real name), whose parents rufuse to reveal the child’s sex, even to the child. Pop dresses in pants and dresses, and it always referred to as Pop or in vauge pronouns. I think that being called “it” would be emotionally taxing. The parents claim that by not knowing if Pop is a boy or a girl, society will eliminate its expectations and just see the child as a human. When Pop is ready, they claim, they will enlighten him or her to their sexual identity. Only in the most rare of circumstances would this child grow up emotionally unscathed. I foresee major identity issues in Pops future. It is always a bad idea to keep fundamental truths from children (as the original article about this points out).

Who will they identify with? Who will they look up to? Pop may see others as humans first and boys or girls second but the rest of the world will not see them that way. Pop will most doubtfully be ridiculed by their peers. Despite the prejudice associated with gender, it is still an elemental part of society and identity. It is not enough to simply identify as a human being. People who are not comfortable with their biological gender go through extensive procedures to correct the error. They wish to be a man or a woman. It is part of who they are. Societal attitudes and perceptions of gender are what need to be changed, not the presence of gender itself.


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