In Your Love, My Salvation Lies, In Your Love

If you have seen The OC, House, Prision Break, Dirty Sexy Money, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Bettey, Ladder 49, Southland, Garden State, Gone Baby Gone, or seen the trailers for the new movie Away We Go, you have been serenaded by “London born, Scottish bred, singer- songwriter” Alexi Murdoch. In 2006 Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed Murdoch one of their “ten artists to watch” proclaiming, “honestly: Murdoch and nothing but Murdoch.” Murdoch’s one and only album Time Without Consequence, may not be for everyone.  The lyrical simplicity and breezy melodies might bore and disappoint fans of bands like the Fratellis. Be warned: there are no fast paced guitar rifts to clap along to (for that, may I recommend Rilo Kiley’s Silver Lining or the Fratellis themselves with Chelsea Dagger). In some ways Murdoch mirrors the quieter side of Rush of Blood to the Head era Coldplay with “Amsterdam” and “A Rush of Blood to the Head” containing the same long, heavily instrumental, elements that Murdoch employs in most of his own work. Murdoch’s melodies, however, are more stripped down, invoking a kumbaya, campfire sound than those of his British brethren. His songs are  simple laid back lullabies. Murdoch’s most well known song, “Orange Sky,” is an addictive mixture of acoustic guitar, simple percussion, and brotherly love, ideal for quiet summer nights filled with beach bonfires and memories with good friends. With summer upon us, what could be more perfect? You bring the s’mores supplies, I’ll bring the Frisbee and don’t forget the Murdoch.


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