If you followed my last blog, then the sudden hiatus from the world wide web is no surprise. I, unfortunately, have been horribly ill with a serious case of summeritus. Similar to senioritis, summeritis consumes the body and mind, reducing its host to a lazy lump of cells. Those infected become unmotivated, uninspired and severely unproductive. Continuous checking of facebook is a common symptom as is prolonged MSN usage. Summeritis is typically contracted when college students return to their familial home a month before the rest of their friends and are unable to get a job, and thus  have nothing to do. One day of sloth leads to another and quickly the victim is stuck in the doldrums “a colorless place where thinking and laughing are not allowed.” The introduction or return of friends (not the television show)  are the only way for one to escape the doldrums- dogs named Tock are also an excellent option.  Once the proper remedy is enforced, the patient bounces back quite quickly, participating in events and activities with enthusiasm. Motivation soon follows.

With the return of my friends, my condition has disappeared and my blog has reappeared (at least for now- with friends, come outings and less time for proper blogging). So, enjoy the inundation while you can (and maybe while you wait for the next bought of  posting to come about you could read “The Phantom Tollbooth”, I would highly recommend it.)


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