Home Sweet Home

I am back baby! Back in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Its good to be home… kinda.  Yesterday was not easy in the slightest, in many many ways. Lets just say that if this was movie I would not be in California, I would have pulled an Andrew Largeman and ranted about ellipses (GO SEE GARDEN STATE, its an amazing film).  In any case, I am back in California. I only saw one person in the airport wearing a medical mask- surprising, I expected more.  It was a longggg day, only made longer by bursts of crying. I’m still on Toronto time, I went to bed a nine last night and woke up at eight this morning. Now I’m having a HUGE cup of tea and relaxing in the land of fruit and nuts. Lets explore  my world shall we?

(there was a photo, my mom made me take it off, use your imagination) The house didn’t look like this for a LONG time. It looked like it did when they built it… in 1950. But last summer, we FINALLY (after seven years of planning) remodeled. Now it looks good! I’m really happy with it. No longer do our windows have mold and our walls have HIDEOUS (I’m talking ducks in the bathroom) wallpaper. Its all pretty and painted. My favorite part is how much light we get in the house now.  I rarely turn the lights on (except at night, duh). But yeah, this is where I live :)

This is where we do our living

I don’t really spend a lot of time in the living room, unless no one’s home. Its too busy, also my brothers usually watching television- and who wants sports center blaring in the background. But in the middle of the day (like today), when no ones home, its perfection.

My room!! This is where I spend most of my time and I've already made a mess!

I don’t know if you can tell but I put a lot of time and effort into my room, its my safe haven- ESPECIALLY my bed. I have a gift, I know how to make an amazing bed. Give me any bed and I can make it comfortable. I spend pretty much all my time here.

Winnie! The cone will be gone soon. We love her anyway!

Winnie! The cone will be gone soon. We love her anyway!

This is my doggie! Winnie! She has… problems. See, her thyroid stopped functioning a couple of years ago and she got REALLY fat, then she got diabetes (we didn’t find out about the thyroid until we found out about the diabetes). Then as a side effect of the diabetes, she got cataracts in her eyes, which we had removed. Recently, because her immune system is so awful and she’s getting old, she somehow cut her cornea, thus the need for the cone. A couple of months back we were afraid we were going to loose her, I’m just glad that she’s still here. My dog might be the nicest one in the entire world, I have witnesses.

The backyard actually looks good now! BBQ anyone?

My backyard used to look like a WWII battlefield, I shit you not. Now it looks pretty! and we have a fire pit! I love California, it seems like the only acceptable place to have a fire pit in your backyard and it definitely ups the cool factor on the house. I may ACTUALLY hang out in my backyard now.

Big cup!! and Pirates of the Caribbean poster! Its good to be home! somethings missing though... a certian boy with a matching cup maybe?

Big cup!! and Pirates of the Caribbean poster! Its good to be home! somethings missing though... a certian boy with a matching cup maybe?

And thats me! in my dining room, sipping my tea early this morning (I have literally been working on this post since 9 am. The internet has turned against my computer). Notice the Pirates of the Caribbean poster, authentic Disney merchandise there people. The frame cost four times as much as the actual poster. I think it adds a certian bad assery to my living room.

But yeah, thats the tour of my life here in NorCal. Pretty sweet eh? Don’t you wish you were here?… yeah I wish you were here too. However, as the frenchies say c’ est la vie. I’m gonna go catch a wave and have coffee with Paris Hilton


Emma! (except Gossip Girl is set in New York… you get what I mean)


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