Too Much Cleavage???

Okay so I have this shirt from Urban Outfitters that I adore. It’s really cute… but also rather low cut… problem? I think so, because I don’t want to a) garner unwanted attention b) come off as a slut (I guess those two things intertwine). Looking down it appears that I am indeed hanging out of my top, but from the front apparently I’m not (according to the BF who I think is kinda biased). I take no pride in being considered a slut. I guess I have a certain degree of self satisfaction thus not needing men on the street to call at me. Don’t get me wrong, its flattering. I do blush and chuckle to myself when it happens, and I love the look on my BF’s face when I walk into the room wearing something semi sexy. But I’m not the kind of girl to wear something slutty to school. I don’t like playing with men’s affections/ emotions.  I like to feel sexy, but I do it for me. Like I said, its satisfying knowing that the BF appreciates my high heeled “hooker boots” (as dubbed by alex brott), but I wear them because I want to feel sexy. I don’t know what this says about me- maybe I do like the attention that I garner in those boots. Now I’m not so sure… but I know that I’m not comfortable hanging out of my shirt. I’m drawing a line… but I don’t know on which side of said line this shirt falls…

Slutty? not slutty? certianly its cute?!

Slutty? not slutty? certianly its cute?!


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