The Registar aka Those Who Do Not Help

Today I went to the registrar to get some advice about what I should do with my life. This was a complete waste of valuble time I could have been studying. Seriously, the woman wasn’t even listening to me. She just ASSUMED what my problem was the minute I said “subject post.” After that i am convinced everything turned off and she started thinking about what to make for dinner. I wanted to talk about various programs I could take based on a discussion about my interests. She explained the system to me- a system I already know cold. I know that you have to pick a specialist, two majors or a major and two minors. I know that this is not set in stone and I know that I can only take six 100 level course credits. I was with this woman for a grand total of ten minutes. 3 of those I spent explaining what a community college is. So, all on my own, this is what I’ve decided to do- I will major in Book and Media Studies with a minor in English (because I really can’t live without it), and a minor in Anthropology (because I love Indiana Jones). I’m feeling really good about this decision actually. We are back on the metaphorical train tracks after a minor derailment- but its okay, people only sustained minor injuries, no deaths occured and we will recover! Now that I know where I’m going I can start to plan how I’m going to take the publishing world by storm, starting this summer. First thing on my list: build a portfolio. I’m going to start writing pieces to submit to “The Varsity” (the what?! the university of Toronto newspaper).  I know, I’m turning into Rory Gilmore, it was inevitable, we all know it. I need to brainstorm ideas for articles to also submit to “The Varsity” ( in my head I say this in a snooty voice, emphasizing the “a” so it more like “the vAAARrsity” followed by a “good man”). I need to pick my courses- this I’m super excited about. I need to take yoga (because I want to, this is totally not writing/ future related) and I need to learn to ride my bike (because its just sad and its a personal request from the BF).  So, despite the efforts (or lack there of) of the registar, I am BACK BABY! YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (wow, I’ve watched that video of Howard Dean one too many times recently). Copper Boom!


4 thoughts on “The Registar aka Those Who Do Not Help

    didnt know you had one, really?
    doesnt anthropology require some rediculous average even to just minor in it? or have i been left in the dark about something by the jerk registrars yet again?

    • Lol yeahhhhh I had another but I lost serious interest so now I have this one! Far superior. You have to have a 2.5 to get into Anthro even as a minor… so I think that the jerk resistrars have left you in the dark (DAMN THEM!)

  2. WHAT??!?!?!?!??!?!?!? BOOOK AND FREAKIN MEDIA STUDIES?! That’s been my program all along! hahahahahhahahah emma we must talk about this.

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