5 Reasons Why I love The O.C.

As far as I’m concerned the only redeeming quality about southern California is Disneyland… and the beach (Venice and Santa Monica are just a little awesome). I missed the OC boat when it was on television. I watched half of season two and season three. Last winter however, while browsing the stacks at good old Rasputin Records (telegraph ave , berkeley california- go there, you will not be disappointed) I stumbled upon the OC season one used for ten dollars. There is something about Rasputins that makes me buy things that I don’t necessarily need nor desire. This was one of those things. The BF mentioned that he liked the OC and I was told by a good friend that I should see the first season, so I laid down the ten dollars and bought what turned out to be some very damaged disks (disk two turned out to be unwatchable). Fate have it, however, I (or I should say we – it’s become a sick coupley bonding experience of some kind) have become hooked on the dramatic, and often drunken, antics of Marissa, Ryan, Seth and Summer.  These are the reasons that I love the O.C:

5. The Crazy- Who doesn’t love a little drama in their lives? as long as its someone else’s. Its good to watch the car crashes, drinking problems, murder plots, and on again, off again romances. Therapeutic in a way, makes you appreciate the simplicity of your own life. I dunno, it appeals to the girl in me. A love of gossip is inherent.

4. Those Clever Surfing Bastards- Well, I don’t if they surf, but the writers are amazing- I shit you not. The show is surprisingly well written. The parallelism between the characters is great. (This includes the cinematography, which is also pretty good). Despite the material, the show is witty and well written- even the girl who loves norcal can admit this.

3. The Ego Boost- This is awful, really awful, but Marissa and Summer are completely horrible stereotypical women. They are whiny, self involved, spoiled women. They’re up, they’re down, they’re all around. My boyfriend is repulsed by them (makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside). They are an example of exactly what not to be and I kinda like it. It makes me feel better about myself. I know… I’m a horrible, horrible person, but they’re fictional so I think its okay. Its okay right?

2. A Killer Soundtrack- This is how I got into the OC in the first place. I owned the soundtracks long before I watched the show. The music is excellent. Some of my favorite songs are from the OC soundtrack- Rain City by Turin Brakes is amazing, Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch also excellent. They are the perfect mixture of excellence. There is an OC song for each mood. Cheers to the music director.

1. Seth Cohen- I have to admit that I love Seth Cohen. He is perfectly hilarious. He shines like the warm socal sun. He is very very sweet and funny. I can understand why Summer is so infatuated with him. I would be infatuated with him too. The spider man moment in season two- I was squealing out of sheer cuteness. Seth Cohen makes it for me, maybe its not Seth specifically but Adam Brody because he was equally excellent as Dave on Gilmore Girls (same character though).

So yeah, that is why I love the OC and watch episode after episode until its two in the morning and can’t stay up any longer- as dorky and awful as it is. Plus I like spending time with the boy. Cuddling, bonding, overwhelming drama- whats there not to love?


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