The Problem with Finals

I had a good three weeks between when my classes ended and my finals began. I considered this time a gift- I would get to really see Toronto, hang out with the BF before leaving, study some. Its turning out to be more of a curse. I have been studying, little by little, but its not enough. In these three weeks I have officially lost all motivation. I am now detached from my courses (because they “ended” weeks ago) and do not care about my finals. This is bad. Not studying is not an option. I mean, these finals are not the “make it or break it kind” my grades in both classes are fairly solid, but I should study.My binder full of course readings sits there and calls to me: “emma, EMMA, EMMAAAAAAAAAAA.” I KNOW I should study and I try to study, but its hard when the days until liftoff are racing by and the O.C. season two is finally done downloading; then there is the new blog and the world issues I must rant about, the off campus work permit I must complete, the choosing of a major and the ultimate form of distraction: a shirtless boy sitting in front of me. Whats a girl to do?
I know, I know, STUDY.


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