The Age of Obama, or as I call him: Obam-skidoodles

Yesterday marked Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office. I have basically been basking in pride since the good man was elected back in November. This has not been the case for the past eight years- believe me. Now, I am not one of the many people who blame George Bush personally for the shit that my country (or more correctly this administration) inflicted on its people and the rest of the world (sorry about that guys, really I am). I don’t blame good ole Georgey boy basically because I don’t believe that he could EVER be a criminal mastermind- he’s too… simple. Not necessarily stupid, but I think that poor George was bullied into becoming president. I think maybe Daddy had something to do with it. George would, I think, be happy riding horses all day and sipping whiskey sours on his ranch in Texas. The man belongs in cowboy boots, not Italian loafers.

I don’t throw the world “evil” around lightly. Some spirited democrats I know (*cough, cough* mom and dad) have defined the republican party in entirety as “evil” (they lived through Nixon so its understandable). The one person I do define as evil, with no qualms: Richard “Dick” Cheney.  DC comics need look no further for the next kingpin or penguin- the slime bucket. I think it has a certain ring to it.

He breaks international codes and laws with a single glance from his smarmy, deceit filled eyes

Dick-ey boy is anything but simple, he is conniving and selfish and just… EVIL. Blarg, I hate that man. Now, I was taught that if someone already says something perfectly, there is no point in trying to say it again. You want to know why I loath Cheney, watch and learn Those boys at PBS know their stuff.

However, we have entered a new era. This is not a rant about past administrations, this is about Obam- skidoodles. Everyone is discussing Obama’s 100 days and what they mean and what he’s done, or not done. People keep comparing the good man to FDR – a fantastic president: (this is a rather amazing online paper fyi, i’d def check it out). I honestly do not think that anyone could live up the amazing work of FDR. Obama vs. FDR- its apples and oranges. The times are different, the situations are different, its just… different. These things will take time- 100 days is not enough time to fix America. 100 days is not enough time to put a band aid on America’s problems. Currently, we are walking toward the medicine cabinet and reaching for the neosporin. So Obama’s 100 days weren’t the most fantastic in history, I’m sure the next four years will make up for it. I have faith, as I always do, in the good. Obama is good, America is on its way to being good. Happy 100 days Obam-skidoodles, no matter what they say, I’m proud of you.

He may not be from Hope, but I sure do have it!


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