Swine Flu: No Licking Piggies

I really don’t understand the fear associated with swine flu… because its a flu.  I DO understand that there is no vaccine and it’s effecting a different age group than normal flues and YES it is no longer flu season, but… ITS STILL A FLU. So far the symptoms are just like every other flu.  I could understand the major W.H.O breakout if upon contracting the swine flu all of your toes fell off, your spleen exploded and boils broke out over your entire body.  But runny nose? fever? occasional vomiting? This is not cause for alarm; this is cause for many liquids, even more rest and some Gilmore Girls.  Its still a flu people.  Remember the avian flu? Remember how that was supposed to be “the big one”? Remember how it wasn’t? Do you see my point? There are two problems that I see coming out of this whole swine flu. Numero Uno: Mexico’s economy- the full fledged decimation of it. No one is ever going to buy, never the less go, to Mexico ever again (slight exaggeration).  Forget the vay-cay in Cabo, I have the feeling that Bora Bora is going to have a comeback among spring breakers and botox filled housewives.  So this sucks for go ole Mexico. Ole indeed. Number Dos: pigs are being slaughtered left, right, and center. This disturbs me. I for one, LOVE pigs. They are among my favorite animals, I want them in my yard when I grow up. I cry like a baby when watching Charlotte’s Web– I am in no way exaggerating, I can not talk about the movie;  that part when Fern decides to go on the Ferris wheel with Henry Fussy instead of keeping Wilbur company- I start SOBBING. I love them and because of this silly swine flu they are being slaughtered, and it makes me sad.  People are making far too big a deal about this stupid swine flu, spare the piggies, spare your sensitive nerves (because I know that you’re shaking in your skins over this) and wash your hands frequently (no hand sanitizer, that stuff’s only adds to this little viral problem going on). We will get through this- though, unfortuanely, the pigs won’t.

They are so cute I literally cried. How could you hate these little guys?!

They are so cute I literally cried. How could you hate these little guys?!


3 thoughts on “Swine Flu: No Licking Piggies

    • cause I like this one more, I get to make it all customized… and I was done with trying to do one thing a day. (Lorelai- this made me laugh VERY hard).

  1. I think part of the concern is because the last big swine flu outbreak (not the last outbreak, which was in the 70s, but the last BIG outbreak) was the 1918 Spanish Flu. Which killed more people than World War 1.

    While I agree, the media is creating a society of fear around it, and we’ve come a long way from 1918, the fact is this shit CAN be incredibly dangerous. Better safe than sorry.

    But I’m sure its partly cause its a slow news day (remember the summer of sharks?) and cause it was mexicans. haha.

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