Hello world!

Okay so this is my second go at having a blog. I had one at blogspot but I kinda lost interest. I was supposed to be doing one thing a day but that proved too demanding for my busy schedule (if you’re really that interested its at Emsarconi.blogspot.com).  I may on occasion continue that endeavor but don’t count on it, and certianly don’t count on it happening in a year.   This one is going to be a bit different- this one is going to be more fluid, less rules, just me- babbling, pondering, questioning, thinking, and postulating to name a few.

Now for some quick facts, because background knowledge is important.

1. I’m a born and raised, self proclaimed “california girl.” (a NORTHERN california girl- I don’t do that socal shit)

2. I got to college (or as they call it university) in Toronto Canada. Yep, thats right, I left sunny California for six months of winter. I’m actually going home in like a week and a half- this posses a problem, I have a boyfriend. Three months apart sound like fun to you?

a. title make sense now?  small fact: I like old movies.

3. I currently have NO idea what I want to do in said university. I was going to be a drama major… then I didn’t get into the program.

a. small fact: I like the know where I’m going, I like to have a plan and I hate uncertainty. Thus, this directionless pit I’ve fallen into is less than ideal- in fact its terrifying.

4.  I have seen every episode of the wonderful television show Gilmore Girls many many times. I practically am Rory Gilmore, or wish I was (secret: my  yellow backpack is yellow because Rory’s backpack is yellow- I know how crazy this sounds, but I swear I’m sane). This is why the title of the website is what it is- Gilmore Girls references.

5. I really like the dash (-).  I don’t always use it correctly, but i feel it helps to convey the way I talk… or think. It signals a tangent or an additional thought. You’ll get used to it.

So I think that’s all you need to know. Get ready for the AMAZING journey that is my life (I’m being semi sarcastic, I doubt very many people will read this). There may be pictures, links, videos, exciting stuff like that.


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. I know a bit more about you once again! Although, I admit, I will probably never get the gilmore girl references.

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